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Excellence and Quality in Fiber Optics! Training! Inspection! Job Placement! Design! Project Management! Testing! Documentation! Performance! Security! Permitting!


Fiber Optic Technician and Specialist Training

These courses are sanctioned by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA), the largest professional society of fiber optics in the world. FOA courses offered by International Network Consultants are recognized by The US Department of Labor.


Fiber Optic Inspection Services and Quality Assurance

Network assessments help our clients from making mistakes with deployment and delivering solutions or services to customers.

  • Inspect all components during installation and report deficiencies.

  • Help with on the job training to bring installers up to industry standards.

  • Review all test results and report on result standards.

  • Approve final installation for customer and start up.


Fiber Optic Technician and Specialist Job Placement

Job placement is a service that we provide for our students. We are happy to help certified students find internships jobs and we will practice interviewing and resume building to help them with their vocational goals.


Fiber Optic Network Design OSP / ISP

  • Map all fiber optic cable runs

  • Locate manholes, hand holes, pull boxes, junction boxes, splice locations, and patch panels

  • Make recommendations on products and manufactures.

  • Recommend all standards and specifications to be implemented on project


Fiber Optic Project Management

  • Strategic organized competence

  • Initiating, Planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing

  • Integration, scope, time, cost, quality, procurement, human resources, communications, risk management.


Fiber Optic Testing OTDR / OLTS

  • Competent in all forms of fiber optic testing with years of experience

  • Excellent at trouble shooting issues in fiber plants OSP/ISP

  • Complete testing documentation (hard copy and soft)


Fiber Optic Project Documentation

  • Complete project documentation services

  • GIS and CAD services for project as built drawings

  • Test result documentation and archiving services


Fiber Optic Network Performance and Security

  • Complete Performance Review and Testing

  • Complete Security Review and Testing

  • Test result documentation and archiving services


Fiber Optic Construction Permitting / Franchise Acquisition 

  • City, County, State and, Federal Permitting Facilitation

  • City, County Franchise Facilitation

  • Compliancy Documentation for Enviromental, Cultural and Right of Way holders.